zWe live suffocated by the inevitable reality. The hypocrisy becomes a prominent value in our society. Small things, which seem simple, are not noticed. We are used to analyze everything by the appearances, with a superficiality which is felt more and more.
A lost century. A disoriented generation. A dubious future. The immorality is increasing every second, being on the top of the “today values”. The accelerated pace of happenings confuses us. I feel like a stranger in this post-sovietic community, where people pretend they are living, but they just keep existing. There is no longer present, because we have already lost the track of time. The only thing to do is to face bravely the destiny and to act according to our beliefs and dreams. When I open my mouth and try to express my opinion, they are staring at me, waiting for a mistake. Maybe my vision is not correct, is too subjective, but the key-word is “mine”. What for, criticizing people for their points of view if you don’t have one? It’s too categorical, but …if you don’t have any vision, you don’t deserve your sight. My goal is not becoming a rebel, but being just me, accepting my weaknesses and improving my abilities.
People call it routine, but they are those who transformed the life in routine. I call it simply: unique opportunity. Maybe it is a bit strange, but our life gains the qualification of “possibility” when we open our eyes and compare our life with others’. All around us, there are people who are suffering from diseases, pains, losses. But we, those who have the world in our hands, don’t even try to revolutionize it.
If you don’t live for something, you will die for nothing. Since your birth, you were given sight, but the view remains to depend on you. Ignore the actuality, the actors of your times and adopt a vision. Keep it close to you and never betray your beliefs.